The Journey Begins

Why a Kitchen Witch?

Being a Kitchen Witch isn’t something that I choose. It’s as natural as breathing.

In March of 2017 I lost my job. After 12 years of working for a corporation that I hated it was over. I remember sitting on the train and crying and thinking that I lost everything then remembering that in being there I lost who I was. I was angry, depressed as fuck and couldn’t remember why I was doing the whole living thing while I was there. The only time in those 12 years where I felt anything was when my shift was over and I was at home in the kitchen. I would be at work at 4:30 am and work 12, sometimes 14 hour shifts and come home and bake.

Each filling, buttercream, cake was made from scratch by hand with all the joy and love I could form after hours of being drained and all that was left of me would pour into my cupcakes. I would bake for hours, try out new recipes and bring them to work for my partners to remind them that through it all I cared for them. I spent more time with them then I had my family most of the time. Slowly word got out, the orders started and I was baking for customers and working the soul sucking job. Sitting on that train in March I dried my tears and remembered who I was. What my Mother taught me, the lessons of my Grandmother, the magic that was in my fingers and I knew I was free.

I knew then that my business had to grow, had to be an extension of my magic. It wouldn’t grow without it. So fearful but fearless I embarked on my journey to merge my Magic and my day to day life together to create The Unique Foodie Witchery and things are moving in the right direction. I will be selling my hand crafted unique flavors and pastries at markets around NYC and in the future I’ll be offering hands on classes in Kitchen Witchery. I hope some of you will take the journey with me. It’ll be an adventure.

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